The Craic

The what?  Craic ya eejit. I’ve seen the faces of so many, non Irish people, change in all manner of ways when I would mention that word. Craic.

What is it? Fair question and that is why I’m here, to tell you. Firstly, its pronounced crack. Now you can guess why so many peoples faces change when I’d say it. Think about the last time you told a joke. The last time you had a laugh, played a prank, messed about or just enjoyed yourself. What were you doing? You were HAVING THE CRAIC!

If you plan to visit Ireland or get a chance to talk to an Irish person, don’t worry, we don’t bite. Much. When you do get here or meet one of us, now you’ll know. Tell them your “up for the craic”, ready to have a laugh. Greet them by saying “whats the craic?”, the casual way to greet a friend and at the same time asking how things are with them. If your a people manager and want to inject a little light-hearted Irishness into a serious situation, ask “whats the feckin’ craic here?”. This is completly tone dependant and can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so be warned. Lets say you have spotted someone eating food from your fridge. Asking “whats the feckin’ craic here?” in a jovial manner, with a smile on your face will put all at ease. They’ll know your a cool person and might even offer you food, from your own fridge, with a smile too.

Now, lets say you said it with menace and venom, perhaps if they were someone the Police are hunting for a spate of fridge robbies around your area. This would probably result in them dropping everything and running from the kitchen area or possibly diving out through the window in an effort to escape. Why? Because they know you don’t mess with an Irish persons food!

Off with ya, remember what you’ve learnt here today and have the craic.