Well…how ya!

So, you found the place! Fair play boss.

“What am I in for here?” you might rightly ask. Well, stories, lots of them…..maybe.

Quick bit of info on myself for ya:

I’m Irish. I’m quite hairy(well, it helps keep me warm, Ireland isn’t always the warmest of places). I spent much of my life meeting people, different people, everyday. Those people, like me, had stories to tell. I don’t claim to be the best story teller or writer, but bejaysus I’ll give it a shot. I have an accent, I have strange sayings and a strange way of saying them! I’m hoping that someone out there would like to hear the odd story, or bit of news or even just be taken in by a little fib. Sure its only a bit a craic. In order to protect those involved, I’ll change names, places etc. I won’t say if something is true or a bit of fiction, thats for you to guess. So, let the story telling begin…..